Dates syrup is a preparation made from dates washed and cooked in mineral water, as they are then filtered to remove the kernels and extract a tasty juice that is cooked over low heat until obtaining a very creamy honey liquid of a dark color.

Dates syrup, when extracted through an all-natural process, guarantees all the known benefits of its original fruit.

 A tablespoon gives it the same calorific value given by the seven fruits and it has the same advantages of dates, and what distinguishes it, besides it is the speed of digestion and the easy absorption of the intestinal wall of this dates syrup.

 The syrup of dates is considered to be mine considering the large number of the mineral elements which it contains: (Calcium – Magnesium – Copper – Sodium – Phosphorus – Zinc – Selenium) in addition to the sugar, and the vitamins which are beneficial for the body: (A – B1 – B2 – C).

 It extracted from different types of dates under the name: Syrup of JOUHART, Syrup of GHARSS, Syrup of BALLA and Syrup of DALI including the nutrition, the color and the taste are different.

 Sweet side: on pancakes, waffles and pancakes, or to sweeten yogurt and cottage cheese. Delicious in pastries and desserts. It is a gourmet alternative to maple syrup or agave syrup.

 Health benefits:

      • The best ingredients for bodybuilding
      • Relieve constipation
      • Building Stronger Bones
      • Combat the intestinal disorders
      • Opposing anemia
      • Reduce allergies
      • Find a quick energy
      • Improve the vitality of the nervous system
      • Help the heart to function well
      • Combat the sexual weakness
      • Combat the diarrhea
      • Reduce the risk of abdominal cancer